• Valued international partner.
  • From “concept to combat,”
    we turn creative ideas
    into field-proven products.
  • Proudly Canadian.
    Trusted for Quality.
  • We engineer and manufacture
    innovative products.
  • Most of our products are custom-built
    to meet our clients’ diverse needs.
  • Rapid Concept to Combat.
    Soldiers First.
    Mission Success.


DEW Engineering and Development
Canada’s trusted defence partner

We have engineered and manufactured essential equipment for army, navy, air force and police services for 40 years. From “concept to combat," we turn innovative ideas into field-proven products. We are a trusted Canadian defence partner. We are DEW.

Bid Management

Canadian procurement requirements are rigorous, technical and time consuming. DEW successfully manages complex bid submissions as both a prime contractor and as sub-contractor to major international OEMs.

Complex Project Management

DEW has more than 35 years of complex project management experience and has expertise in tackling programs with highly technical specifications, cutting edge technology and production volumes from prototypes to thousands.

Engineering and Design for Manufacturing

DEW Engineering is known world-wide for its exceptional ability to design, develop, test, modify, and certify engineering solutions for both the civil and defence markets.

Manufacturing and Production

DEW's comprehensive in-house manufacturing capability enables us to control all aspects of the manufacturing process to better meet the demanding schedule and quality requirements of our customers.

In-Service and Logistic Support

In-Service Support (ISS) is critical to ensure maximum equipment availability for the end user. DEW offers in-house manufacturing, testing and servicing, spare parts, field service and training across the defence and civilian sectors.

Vehicle Services

DEW designs, integrates and manufactures vehicles and their add-on kits, including advanced armour and integrated survivability solutions. Our vehicle services are provided both independently and in-collaboration with other Original Equipment Manufacturers.




DEW Engineering and Development ULC

Canada's trusted defence partner.
DEW Engineering and Development is the largest and most advanced designer, integrator and manufacturer of state of the art Add-on-Armor in North America.

DEW Engineering is a Top 75 Defence Company by Canadian Defence Review